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What is Herando?

The Herando Company strives to bring together buyers and sellers of high-end luxuries.

We enable dealers, brokers and private individuals to offer their exclusive luxury goods (yachts, jets and other aircraft, cars, timepieces) on the Herando platform and to present them to a suitable clientèle.

We are always looking for potential clients throughout the world and are able to offer brokers and sellers, but also prospective buyers a service that will always satisfy the highest demands.

The Herando Company focuses solely on high-end and top-notch luxury goods and the respective clientèle.

Advertise and Sell

...on the luxury marketplace www.herando.com

Herando offers private vendors and dealers the option to professionally put up for sale luxury goods such as yachts, luxury property, luxury cars and aircraft for a monthly placement fee.

Herando provides a suitable clientèle of customers with a stable and well-targeted approach.


Herando always carries out quality controls on the goods placed on the market and, in addition, deliberately checks sellers and buyers.


Herando undertakes professional and well-targeted marketing efforts using all available options, such as Google AdWords, search engine marketing, banner advertising, affiliate marketing, but also a direct distribution on a professional level, which guarantees that all offers are being constantly observed by potential buyers.

Herando does also take care of a professional handling of each trade and serves its customers from the first contact until the successful completion of your transaction.

The combination of Exclusiveness, Discretion and Professionalism guarantees a maximum sales success.


Herando guarantees the highest possible level of discretion, which cannot be achieved on publicly available marketplaces.

You can therefore focus entirely on your respective transactions and don’t need to worry about any data protection provisions.

Herando as a Broker

Herando and its management possess all required licences to directly act as broker on the behalf of its clients.

Herando will, depending on the agreement with the seller and vendor, also act as a broker, which is usually based on a brokerage contract.

Have we caught your attention?

If you want to learn more about us or desire personal consulting, please send us an email to direct[at]herando[.]com, including your contact data, or simply use the contact form.

You can contact our customer support hotline: +420 228 884 177

We will promptly get in touch with you.

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