The City-Partner licensing system for luxury goods Request information

Who or what is HERANDO?

HERANDO is an innovative marketing and advertising portal for luxury goods.
HERANDO has set itself the task of bringing together buyers and sellers of luxury goods.
HERANDO allows dealers, brokers or private sellers to present their luxury goods (real estate, yachts, luxury cars, classic cars and fine watches) to the right target group.
The HERANDO marketing team is always on the lookout for potential customers and offers from the luxury segment.
HERANDO offers brokers, sellers and prospective buyers an exclusive service that meets even the highest demands.
HERANDO focuses exclusively on luxury goods and the appropriate target group. On this marketing portal the premium offers can be presented professionally and in a manner that is effective for sales. Target group orientation at the highest level brings together premium offers and potential prospects.

Our expert team advises ....

in the marketing of your premium offers. Due to the steadily increasing demand for our service, we are expanding our marketing team and are looking for you as an independent HERANDO City partner.

For years, HERANDO has been a national and international active marketer in the field of luxury goods.
Our core competence is marketing and sales in the field of advertising. Benefit now from a steadily growing billion - market as a HERANDO City Partner.
Join a strong team of experts as a self-employed entrepreneur as a HERANDO license partner.

Which "Entrepreneur Types" does HERANDO seek as a license partner?

The License-Partner should be able to build and run a HERANDO LICENSE company. You should have the financial and organizational skills to open 1 to 3 locations within three years. HERANDO expects determination in contracting, experience in rapid sales processes and the entrepreneurial drive to fully realize the potential of the business idea.
HERANDO licenses are currently being granted in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and several other European countries as well as in the Asia/Pacific and Middle East region. Partners can also apply for General and Master Licenses to build a network abroad. Entrepreneurs are just as welcome as partners of other franchise concepts that want to invest, diversify and continue to grow.

How does the HERANDO headquarter support their partners?

What do you have to do next?

Convinced? Would you like to start your own business with the successful concept of the HERANDO brand or expand your business and open up new regions? Apply now for the HERANDO City Partner License!