Herando Magazine

Sep 17, 2020

Security - one of the oldest human needs

Even in prehistoric times, prehistoric man appreciated the safety of a rocky cave; it stored the cozy warmth of a fire in winter and offered protection from the rigors of the weather and from voracious wild animals. Nowadays houses and apartments take over this part; but the need to keep one's own belongings safe and secure has remained.
Sep 14, 2020

Find out about real estate in Portugal

Portugal is located southwest of Spain and directly on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. The Republic is a member of the European Union, the area is 92,000 square kilometers and has over 10 million inhabitants.
Sep 10, 2020

Old castles and stately palaces

Old castles and stately palaces are always surrounded by a touch of glamor and romance. So it is not surprising that many dreams revolve around being lord of the castle yourself and slipping into another life. What was life really like then and how does the nobility live today in inherited lordly property?
Sep 7, 2020

The new Porsche 911

In the US, better said in San Francisco, Porsche is about to prepare the 911's. A reissue of the internally mentioned 992 celebrates its premiere only at the end of November and that at the automobile show in Los Angeles. Get out of the Porsche in early 2019. This was confirmed by Mr Achleitner (series manager at Porsche) on a test drive in the USA. The format and the shape differ only minimally in the coupe, but it should come across a bit more classic. To the interior of the vehicle, an analog tachometer, animated instruments, an even larger touchscreen with control panel in the middle for easier operation. Also added are the assistance systems with integrated collision warning and a guidance assistance.
Sep 3, 2020

The forgotten Baillon jewelry

Cars are undoubtedly the greatest love of most men; no matter if classy sleds with lots of horsepower and shiny paintwork, bulky vehicles with a lot of power under the hood for more down-to-earth types or rare old rarities for historical nostalgia. But they are all cherished and cared for, greased, oiled, each screw individually tightened and polished to a high gloss on the outside and inside.
Aug 31, 2020

The new Cartier Santos and their predecessors

With the new Santos Cartier has answered the question to us how to handle properly with such classics, what elements are hidden behind it, ask all which are to be answered.
Aug 25, 2020

Fairytale Marbella

Due to the mild weather, early stone age people appreciated it as a fishing settlement and later used by the Phoenicians as a transshipment point for all kinds of goods; Marbella is now a popular hub on the Mediterranean coast.
Aug 21, 2020

Mercedes presents its Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4Matic

In keeping with the holiday season and hotly awaited not only by car enthusiasts, but also by Benetti and Acury Yacht owners, Mercedes will be launching the new classy Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4Matic in the luxury car segment in the second half of 2020 with lots of chrome, selected high-quality materials and technical sophistication the top class at the start.
Aug 17, 2020

Patek Philippe watches - a tribute to time

The name Patek Philippe stands for very special, world-class luxury watches. Are you wondering why these Patek Philippe watches of all things are so unusual and exclusive and why Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roaster Kienle friends prefer to wear and present them?
Aug 13, 2020

Austria's real estate is increasingly in demand

There is almost no country outside the borders of Italy or even Germany, which is growing into such a new paradise, all those who want to save their savings in new real estate: Take Austria.